Golfy Nederland BV, Max Euweplein 46, 1017MB Amsterdam or one its daughter companies or sub brands such as (the Company) will treat the data of its participants/visitors/users according to the „Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens”. can use the data for the promotion of the services which are directly related to the website and or related apps of iGolfinstructor. Users of the app of visitors of the website can request the data in relation to themselves. If desired the users of the app and visitors of the website can ask for the data to removed via

We recommend you to read this privacy statement thoroughly before you continue on our website or using our apps. Creating a profile means that:

  1. U give the Company permission to track your data and process them as described in this privacy policy.
  2. U declare that the Company, related companies and/or external service providers can use your personal data for common information purposes such as e-mail, fax, regular mail, telephone as described in the policy. During all next visits to one of the websites of the Company including using its apps implies that you agree to this policy. Besides the terms in this policy your personal data will not be sold to third parties. For the mentioned reasons and purposes above we can use personal data, provided to us via the website or app. Please do not use our app or visit our websites if you disagree with this policy.

 When will the collected personal data be passed on?

Besides the terms in this privacy statement we will not sell your data to the non-related 3rd parties. For the purposes mentioned above we can transfer the collected personal data which you have given to companies that we have selected in order to organise promoties or other activities. These activities include the booking of golf lessons, competitions, tee times, golf deals and more.

More in particular we can pass on information for that same purpose in any country, including the USA and other countries which have similar safety and personal data protection as the Netherlands. We shall also pass on personal data if this is required by law, via subpoenas or via other legal procedures under Dutch Law. The company also demands from the users of the app and visitors of the website that collected data is only used for using the app or visiting the website or other applications. In addition, the Company demands and expect that this information and data will not be passed on to others.

The company can not be held  responsible or accountable for eventual damage which flows from disrespecting behavior in respect to this policy by non-related third parties and their privacy obligations in respect to the company. Personal data about yourself can be transferred for above mentioned purposes to international branches of the company, including other allied/related entities. In addition the company can use your personal information to sell to a buyer or the buyer of the company or when a purchase takes place of a related (daughter) company or other entity of the Company.

 Which personal data do we collect en why?

The Company collects personal data such as name, last name. zip code, cell phone and your e-mail address. Also we could collect your profession, interests and hobbies. Some parts of the websites and/or apps are only accessible if you use this data. In addition, if you contact us with questions, we can verify its you and help you more professionally. The Company is allowed to gather your data online through its channels for all legal activities.

 How do we protect the integrity of your personal data?

The Company has drafted a number of specific procedures to contain, guard and track your personal data for the purpose that they are aimed to be used for. You can always check and ask for your data and contact us to receive your data from us. Please contact us via: You can also use this e-mails address to ask us to delete or change your data.

 How do protect your personal data?

The Company has taken measurements in order to block unauthorized access to your personal data via our website and app. The Company does advise and proclaims that even though we have taken security measurements, no website or app can be 100% safe and protected. Therefore, the Company can not be held accountable for any loss  of or damage to any of your personal data which are under our protection on or our iGolfinstructor apps.

Questions about our privacy policy and/or your personal data?

Please send your requests, questions or other related topics to and we will try to help you to the best of our ability.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is the sole declaration of the Company on how it collects personal data via its website and its apps and in addition on how this data is used and how this data is distributed. Summaries or other versions than you find here of this Privacy Policy have no value and have no stature none whatsoever. The company is allowed to change its Policy from time-to time. You will do good to save this page in your favorites and check if the policy has changed. If the policy is changed drastically we will inform you on this website.


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